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15 Fics in 15 Days Challenge : Sign-Up Reminder

Sign-Up Period
STARTS: Now (12th Nov 2013)
ENDS: 17th November 2013 @ 11:59PM (Countdown Clock)

There are over 2 days left to sign up to participate in the 15 fics in 15 days challenge at the community. So far we have two participants who have signed up, but we would definitely love for some more!

To find out more, then click here!
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15 Fics in 15 Days Challenge : Sign-Up Post

ag-fics 15in15 Challenge: Sign-Up Post

STARTS: Now (12th Nov 2013)
ENDS: 17th November 2013 @ 11:59PM (Countdown Clock)

Welcome to ag_fics first ever 15in15 contest where we are going to challenge writers to write 15 fics in 15 days.

I, ella_rose88 (aka Millie) will be hosting this special event. The aim of the challenge is: writers must write 15 fics based on different themes in 15 days. Once the 15 days are over, voting will begin where the winners will be decided and revealed.

Now onto the rules...

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Question, while I'm thinking of it

I have no spare time (I watch too much TV, and) I should actually be writing an essay right now but - I meant to do a Challenge in June/July and...then I didn't coz I sort of have new fandom which has run away with my soul focus and it distracts me terribly.

And I know I haven't really checked in, in months, but I was thinking maybe - because I haven't seen your lovely faces around much, or more accurately your icons, which is how I imagine your faces - that I might try to run a little something in December.

Coz by then I'll be free, my exams will be done and dusted (and I'll be bouncing on their graves, laughing maniacally - I'm looking specifically at you Business Statistics)...and I'll probably be starting to feel that twitchy feeling that comes with having too much free time.

Soooooo....my question is:

Poll #1934629 Question: December 2013, in or out?

Have you time for a Challenge in December?



Thursday. (You remember, that weird idiot who proposed we write in teams, damn the consequences to sanity...)
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Promo: Arthur & Gwen Stills

Come and Join Arthur & Gwen Stills, a Tumblr graphic contest blog for Arthur & Gwen. I've just opened the first challenge - Banner Challenge 1, which you can learn more about here.

At the moment it is just me (aka theres-always-hope on Tumblr) running this blog. However, if you are interested in co-modding this blog please submit your username, your reasons for wanting to be mod and your availability through our submit box!
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Short Challenge 7 | Voting Post!

ENDS on the 16th April 2013 @ 11.59PM CST(Countdown Clock)

Welcome to the Voting Post/Entries Master-list for Short Challenge 7! We have received 6 wonderful entries for this challenge so a huge thanks to everyone who participated and sent in entries!

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