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MC - At Years End ::: Guidelines

Sign Up Time:
21st Dec - 1st Jan (AEST: 17:30)
Prompting Time: 3rd Jan - 7th Jan (AEST: 23:59)
Writing Time: 3rd Jan - 8th Jan (AEST: 23:59)
Writing Time: 3rd Jan - 9th Jan (AEST: 12:00)
Winner Announced: 12th/13th Jan

Welcome to the Guidelines for what is technically Mini Challenge EIGHT: At Years End (ag_fics's third Fic Battle). I'll just refer to it as the 'MC' to keep it simple. If you were with us for the last battle, then you should know we're expecting a more sedate - we've all done this before, we're pros - pace this time. And I can hear you Prompters cracking your knuckles already, but cool your jets, let's go through the Guidelines first.

Please read below carefully and if you have any questions - ask me :)

T O   B E   A N   P L A Y E R   (A U T H O R) :
First you need to sign up on the Sign Up post. There is no maximum number of players. But you need to sign up (within the sign up time) to play.

[Note: Players can be Prompters too. In fact, it will make the Challenge better if some of your opponents are the ones giving you the prompts. They can help you win, or they can watch you lose. Secretly, I'm sure they'd enjoy both.]

T O   B E   A   P R O M P T E R :
You literally need to do nothing right now (except read this post). Twiddle those thumbs. Make up some lists. The Sign Ups may be screened but, I can tell you, that some of the previous battle champions are back.

Plus, I will be unscreening the sign up forms 24 hours before the challenge starts if you wanna take a quick peek.


↳ Things of Note:

I. All characters and ships are welcome, but because this is an AG Comm, be respectful of the AG ship (triangles and mentions of past/failing relationships are fine tho).

II. Fills should have a top (BOLD) line clearly stating the title of your fic, character(s)/pairing(s), rating, and any applicable trigger warnings.

III. One Prompt per comment. And if possible, keep your prompts concise, remember no one has to use more than 50 words on your idea. General/Vague prompts also give an Author the most room to move.
IV. There will be no Anonymous commenting. Every Prompt, Every Fill - every single comment - must have a Username attached to it. Also, pick one Username if you have multiples and stick to it. No switching.

V. Each Prompter is limited to four (4) eight (8) unfilled prompts per Author, Eg. You can have as many as four eight prompts waiting to be written by any one Author. Then, once one (or more) of your prompts is written by that Author you may prompt them again.

VI. Author's must work to finish the first three (3) prompts on their Thread before they can pick and choose which to fill and in what order. More about this below...

!IMPORTANT! - Once the Writing Period starts, the first thing you need to do is copy and paste your sign up form from the Sign Up post. Or you won't have a thread on the Challenge Post and you won't get prompts.

1. There are no Challenge Themes. Go nuts.

2. All fills must list: Title - Character(s)/Pairing(s) - Rating.
-- example: Soup of the day - Gwen, Merlin, Morgana - PG

3. All fills must be commented in reply to the prompt that inspired them.

4. You may only fill prompts left on your Thread. There will be no prompt stealing window this time.

5. You must fill the first three (3) prompts in the order you receive them.

6. Each fill should be between 50 and 250 words.

7. The aim of this Challenge is to get the highest FILL TALLY. There's no vote.

8. Surviving Players will be the ones who complete ALL their prompts in time.

_ _ _

!IMPORTANT! - You ONLY get four (4) unfilled prompts per Author (thread). So spend them wisely, it might be a while before your prompts are filled and you can prompt again. So don't use them all in one go, maybe limit yourself to 2-3 per thread at first, as you'll be getting ideas as we go along. Ideas you'll want someone to write for you.

EDIT (due to reassessment, see Entry Post for more details):
!IMPORTANT! - You ONLY get eight (8) unfilled prompts per Author (thread). So spend them wisely, it might be a while before your prompts are filled and you can prompt again. So don't use them all in one go, maybe limit yourself to 5-6 per thread at first, as you'll be getting ideas as we go along. Ideas which you'll want someone to write for you.

1. Yes, you can be a Player and a Prompter, the two aren't mutually exclusive. But you can't prompt yourself.

2. Keep it to one (1) prompt per comment. TEXT prompts only, no pictures, no vids.

3. Prompters, you have one minute to check your prompt over for spelling/grammar/typing mistakes after you comment it. After that you must leave it alone. We can't have you editing your prompts while people are trying to write them.

4. Please, read the Author's preferences before you prompt. Prompting baby!fic from an Author who doesn't write baby!fic is pointless. They don't have to write anything they're not comfortable with.

5. Any prompt that clearly goes against the Author's preferences will be discounted if it is left unfilled at the end. Author's will not be penalised for a Prompter not reading their preferences carefully enough to know better.

_ _ _


- If you see something that violates the rules, let a Mod know.

- If you want to say something super privately you can PM me.

- If you want something clarified, you're probably not the only one - ASK.



#1. Breathe. You're going to be amazing.

#2. You Authors are the one's ultimately in control of the pace of new prompts. You can fill prompts and not post the fill until it suits you. If you want to make sure someone (or all of the prompting someones) can't give you four new prompts at once, just post fills one or two at a time.

#3. Don't mention too many characters in your prompt. You'll make it too complicated.

#4. Don't panic.


A combined message of hope from past 'survivors':

Don't get sick during the challenge.

Be a survivor at all costs! Don't read fills until after the challenge ends and map out the story carefully! Don't watch TV, lol.


First time's good to have fun, see what you can do and how you can improve.

Be confident and not afraid to take hard prompts. You can do it if you put your mind to it.

Stay Awesome, okay.
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