I'm feelin' younger, it's better than wiser (mustbethursday3) wrote in ag_fics,
I'm feelin' younger, it's better than wiser

MC - At Years End: Update

+ So we have five people signed up, hurray :D

+ I'm working on the guideline post right now.

+ The Challenge atm is scheduled to begin sometime tomorrow (in around 24 hours I'd say, at a rough guess as to when I'll have all the links, banners, etc done and posted).

Now, some of you did say that during the Winter Olympics (7th Feb - 23rd Feb) would also be a good time for you. So I'm giving you guys a choice (and I'm going to ask those who signed up directly as well).

I'm fine with starting tomorrow, but I understand that right now is busy time for a lot of you (it's like the aftermath of Christmas duh duh duuuuh) - so below is a poll.

(If more than half the people who signed up want more time - we'll go the Olympic route, and do a quick three day sign up in Feb before the challenge starts. Just to see if more people want to play.)

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Poll #1949763 AGF: Challenge Start
This poll is closed.

Do you want me to delay the Challenge until the Olympics?

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