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ag-fics Christmas 2012 Fic Exchange || Main Post (CLOSED)

Christmas 2012 Fic Exchange:
ENDS: on the 27th December 2012 (Countdown Clock)

Welcome to ag_fics's first Christmas Fic Exchange! I, ella_rose88, will be hosting this special event and I hope that you all will have lots of fun and enjoy it. Though, this is a special way of spreading some Christmas joy to fellow members, there is also a challenge element to the exchange.

So without further ado, I open the Exchange!

GUIDELINES: (please read carefully)

♥ Firstly, You DON'T have to be a member to participate, but we recommend that you 'Watch' for Updates/Notices.


♥ The way prompting will work is people will leave prompts here in the comment section. Prompts can be single words, full sentences, song lyrics -- anything as long as it has to do with Arthur and Gwen and Merlin and does not infringe on the A/G pairing. Christmas can be a theme in prompts (and fills) or it can just be about anything the prompter has been dying to read. It could be a cross-over you have been dying to see, like the Doctor meeting Gwen and Arthur. Or it could be a fic set in the 30's where Gwen is a singer and Arthur's father owns the club. Anything as long as it is about Merlin and A/G.

Prompts can be given in two ways:

Prompt: A/G get it on at the work Christmas party, but what they did not expect was that the rest of the party could hear them.


What I would like: Arthur tries to get Gwen under a mistletoe but fails miserably as he ends up meeting everyone else but Gwen under the mistletoe...
What I don't want: Any angst. Lancelot.

♥ Prompters need be signed in to give prompts that way the author knows who they are writing for. Prompters can also participate in writing.

♥ Prompters must leave one prompt in one comment. The maximum a prompter can leave per day is 3 prompts. On the 20th of Dec, prompting will close so writers have time to finish their fills.


♥ Feel free to respond to any person's prompt. Writers should attempt to write as many prompts each week as possible - as we're going to try to make sure each and every prompter gets a little holiday cheer in fic form. Mods are also allowed to participate!

♥ The minimum word count for each fill is 300 words. As to the maximum word count it must not be any longer than 2,000 words. Writers must leave 1 fill per prompt per day, that way each prompter gets a fic gift. However, there is no maximum times you can do fills, as long as it is in response to a different prompt.

♥ Seeing as LJ got rid of the subject headings (which was stupid!), writers must make sure that the first line of their fic has the following heading:

[Title of Fic - Rating - Genre - Warnings] eg: Mistletoe - Nc-17 - Romance - Waring: Smut

♥ Now, since this is a Christmas Exchange writers must post their comments anonymously. Then once the exchange is over we will ask the writers to reveal themselves so that their prompters can thank them properly. Of course, this does not mean people can not comment on the fills until then, people are more than welcome to comment.

♥If you do not know how to comment anonymously, here is a quick guide:

Step One: Click on "Post A New Comment" and once that appears click on "Switch" which is next to your username.

Step Two: Once you do that a drop menu will appear with different options, click on "Anonymously". The username should then change to anonymously.

♥ Now comes the Challenge part: we must (as a group) reach a total of 100 fics (or more) in 25 days. The writer that writes the most entries will win a banner. There will also be a vote for the top three entries.


Lastly, if you have any questions, please respond to the questions post HERE. For the Master-list that will constantly be up-dated throughout the exchange, click HERE.

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