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Long Challenge 4 || Entrance Post

Long Challenge 4

ENDS 7th July 2012 @ 11:59PM (World Clock)

Fairy-tale || Mistake || Fantasy ||Children || Captured

Welcome to the first Long Challenge of the year (otherwise known as Long Challenge 4)! This time around we’ve decided to shake things up a bit! How, you may ask? Well, read the following guidelines and you’ll find out!

Once again, this challenge will be hosted by me (aka ella_rose88), so if you have any questions or queries, feel free to comment on this post or PM me. I’ll try my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

For this challenge, we have decided to allow ARTISTS to create graphics based on the above themes. The way it will work is like this:

1. ARTISTS will look at the above themes and make graphics based on said themes. Once completed, ARTISTS will then post their graphics on the Artists Post in the comment section.

2. ARTISTS will be given 5 days till the 5th of June @ 11.59PM (World Clock) to complete and post their graphics. ARTISTS are allowed to submit up to TWO pieces -- as long as they use different themes as we want some variety.

3. Once the GRAPHICS have been posted, I will then post them up on the Writers Post and WRITERS will be able to sign-up and nominate their top 3 favourite graphics they would like to base their entry on. I will then assign each WRITER with a graphic.

GUIDELINES: (Please read carefully)

Things you need to know before you start:

♥ WRITERS can submit up to TWO entries for this challenge.

♥ ENTRIES/GRAPHICS can be set in CANNON or AU reality . It’s your choice, wherever your muse leads you!

♥ You DON'T have to be a member to enter, but we recommend that you 'Watch' for Updates/Notices.

Your Entry should:

♥ Be a minimum of 1,000 words. There is no maximum word limit.

♥ ENTRIES and GRAPHICS MUST focus on Arthur and Guinevere and feature the A/G pairing (they could be strangers, friends, slightly bitter exe's, a happily married couple - - it's up to you).

♥ Be inspired by one or more of the themes provided below -- and in the case of writers, the graphic you have also been given. You may interpret the themes and graphics in whichever way you want.

♥ ENTRIES and GRAPHICS must be ORIGINAL pieces of works (i.e: must not be posted anywhere else before).

♥ Finally, please refrain from reposting your ENTRY and GRAPHIC until AFTER the Winner's Post is up.

♥ GRAPHICS are to be posted on the Artists Post and ENTRIES are to be emailed to the community email address [a_g_fanfic@hotmail.com] with the following information:

For Writers:

And in the Subject Heading of your email, please make sure you have:

‘LC4 Written Entry: [Username]’

EXAMPLE: ‘LC4 Written Entry: Sophielou21’

♥ GRAPHICS must be posted to us BEFORE 5th of June 2012 @ 11:59PM. WRITERS must send in their entries by the 7th of July 2012 @ 11:59PM (World Clock)
To read more guidelines for GRAPHICS, please read the Artists Post.

♥ Please remember to check your ENTRY a few times for spelling/grammar/coding mistakes, as we do not have the time to fix or add to them.




1. A story, usually for children, about elves, hobgoblins,dragons, fairies, or other magical creatures.
2. An incredible or misleading statement, account, or belief.

"Child of the pure unclouded brow
And dreaming eyes of wonder!
Though time be fleet, and I and thou
Are half a life asunder,
Thy loving smile will surely hail
The love-gift of a fairy-tale.
- by Lewis Carroll

Image from here.


1. An error in action, calculation, opinion, or judgment causedby poor reasoning, carelessness, insufficient knowledge, etc.
2. A misunderstanding or misconception.

"Drama is based on the Mistake. I think someone is my friend when he really is my enemy, that I am free to marry a woman when in fact she is my mother, that this person is a chambermaid when it is a young nobleman in disguise, that this well-dressed young man is rich when he is really a penniless adventurer, or that if I do this such and such a result will follow when in fact it results in something very different. All good drama has two movements, first the making of the mistake, then the discovery that it was a mistake"
- W.H Auden

Image from here.


1. Imagination, especially when extravagant and unrestrained.
2. The forming of mental images, especially wondrous or strangefancies; imaginative conceptualizing.
3. A mental image, especially when unreal or fantastic; vision: anightmare fantasy.

"Fantasy mirrors desire. Imagination reshapes it.
-Mason Cooley

Image from here.


A Plural of child
1. A person between birth and full growth; a boy or girl: booksfor children.
2. A son or daughter: All my children are married.
3. A baby or infant.
4. A human fetus.

"No one ever promised me it would be easy and it's not. But I also get many rewards from seeing my children grow, make strong decisions for themselves, and set out on their own as independent, strong, likeable human beings. And I like who I am becoming, too. Having teenagers has made me more human, more flexible, more humble, more questioning--and, finally it's given me a better sense of humor!"
- Anonymous Father on parenting.

Image from here.


1. To take by force or stratagem; take prisoner; seize: Thepolice captured the burglar.
2. to gain control of or exert influence over: an ad that capturedour attention; a TV show that captured 30% of the prime-timeaudience.
3. To take possession of, as in a game or contest: to capture apawn in chess.

"Once my heart was captured, reason was shown the door, deliberately and with a sort of frantic joy. I accepted everything, I believed everything, without struggle, without suffering, without regret, without false shame. How can one blush for what one adores?"
- George Sand

Image from here.

Definitions and Quotes taken from Dictionary.Com


Remember, these ideas are only suggestions! You DO NOT have to use them, but they may inspire you.

If you have any questions, concerns or anything you would like to ask us, please comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Comments will be screened!

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