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The 1st Short Challenge (ENTRIES & VOTING)

BEGINS on the 14th March 2011 @ 0:00 GMT
ENDS on the 19th March 2011 @ 23:59 GMT (World Clock)

We have received 8 wonderful entries to The 1st Short Challenge! Thank you everyone who participated. :DDD

As there are so many entries I would highly recommend voters leave a little bit of time to read through the fics. Don't read them all chronologically if you don't want to -- read the summaries and select the ones you "fancy" first, then read through others when you can.

The vote will be collected via the poll on this post.

Voting will be open until Saturday 19th March 2011 @ 23:59 GMT.

Read the entries from the list below and then select your favourite from the poll. You CAN vote if you submitted a fic for the challenge but you CANNOT vote for your own fic or ask people to vote for you. Any such votes will not be counted.

The writers will be revealed when the winners are announced.

The three highest scoring fics (1st, 2nd and 3rd) will get Winner's Banners and there will also be a Mod's Choice too. As this is the first challenge of its kind, I will also be awarding all 8 participants with individual participation banners.



Here is a Masterlist of all the entries received. Each one has been posted here to ag_fics . This list contains the title, rating, theme used, word count, warning/spoilers and the summary (In italics).

[#1] Between Two Points - R - Honey Trap (2,366)
Modern AU; contains sexual content & firearms
Sure, she was definitely going to get the information required of her, but she couldn’t help but feel like she was slipping up.

[#2] Good News Travels Fast - PG - Grapevine (1,412)
Gwen has some big news, but doesn’t want Arthur to know. Except no one in Camelot can keep a secret.

[#3] Prince Arthur's Pitch - PG - Grapevine (582)
Steampunk!Camelot y'all. If you don't know what Steampunk is, check it out here: 
[#4] His Time - PG - Catharsis (1,851)
Spoilers up to the end of S3; contains character death.
An unexpected revelation forces Arthur to confront his feelings after his father dies.

[#5] The Robber Bridegroom - PG - Cancelled (3,484)
Modern AU
After yet another broken engagement, Arthur escapes London for the sanctuary of his two best friends.

[#6] Drunk and Angry Never End Well Together - PG-13 - Catharsis (820)
You have only to learn how to trust in each other as well as yourselves.

[#7] The Death of a Father (The Birth of Another) - PG - Cancelled/Catharsis (3,493)
Contains character death.
After a terrible loss, Arthur is dealing alone and Guinevere looks for ways to help him.

[#8] The Witch's Vine - PG - Grapevine (3,491)
Set between 3x11 and 3x12
Arthur's attempt to give Guinevere a gift backfires. 
Now select you favourite from the poll...

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If you have any comments to pass onto the authors of the fics, please leave comments on each person's individual post. All comments are screened until the voting ends.
I would also be grateful if you would leave some feedback on the challenge itself on THIS post. I would very much appreciate your comments on how the challenge was run: i.e. would you have preferred more writing time? Is there anything you would like to be done differently next time? And so on. Again, leave your comments for me below. :DDD
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