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A New Year and some New Challenges

The year 2011 sees ag_fics  welcoming in the new year with a new format, no longer will there be One-shots and Drabbles. We're retiring those gracefully.

Instead we're bringing you three unique challenges which will hopefully be a better fit:

The Mini Challenge

An Anonymous posting of prompts and Comment!fic responses (from members and non-members) over a number of days. Voting begins the day after prompts/entries close, whereupon all fics will be collected, (numbered) and posted by a Mod in one post for easy voting. At no point will we require anyone to De-Anon. Anon-writers who place, will be awarded a banner with their fic title on it, and Writers who DO choose to claim their fic will have their username on their banner.

Timeframe for entries: up to 4 days (subject to change).
Timeframe for voting: 3 days.


The Short Challenge

The classic AGF format, entries will be collected over two weeks. Entered by Writers to the Comm email address [a_g_fanfic@hotmail.com] before the closing date and time. This will be followed by voting over the next four days and concluding in a Winners & Reveal post. There is a 3,500 Word Limit imposed on all SCs.

Timeframe for entries: 2 weeks
Timeframe for voting: 4 days


The Long Challenge

Writers will be given a month to write to all considerations put to them (ie. certain things that must appear in their fic to avoid disqualification) with no maximum Word Limit. Entries will again go to the Comm email address [a_g_fanfic@hotmail.com] before the closing date and time. Voting will be adjusted accordingly to suit the number of words and entries received by participants, and this again will be followed by a Winners & Reveal post.

Timeframe for entries: 1 month
Timeframe for voting: 1 week+


Each challenge shall:

+ Award banners to the winners; 1st, 2nd, 3rd & Mod's Choice. (which will all appear in a 'Hall of Fame' post at the end of the year)

+ Draw themes from the 'Theme table'.

+ Include a set of prompts (drawn from your suggestions in the Prompt Suggestion Post) to guide those who need a little direction. The only Challenge that won't be require them will be the MCs (Mini Challenges), where prompts will go right into the post.


To post Anon (Anonymously) as is required for the Mini Challenges -

Click 'Post a New Comment' on a post to add a prompt, or click 'Reply to This' to reply to a prompt.

Then -
  • For a Prompt: Put in your details: Add 'Prompt' to the subject line, & type your prompt in the message part.
  • For a Fill: Type in your: Title - Rating (eg. G, PG, PG13, NC-17, R) - and a Genre (if you have one) into the subject line. Then add your ficlet to the message part of the comment box.

Next, click 'More Options...'.

Then above your comment you'll see radio buttons, which is where you chose your 'From'. It will probably be on 'Logged in User'. Click on the circle next to 'Anonymous'.

And finally click 'Post Comment'*

* Please, check that everything's perfect before you click 'Post Comment'. Once you post it, you won't be able to edit it, and only Mods will be able to delete it.

If you have any questions - Ask away below :D
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