January 14th, 2014

Merlin: *Iz exhausted*

Have I finished counting yet? WHY YES. I HAVE. And you're all winners, but some winners have banners

This is the Winners Post of ag_fics' 3rd Fic Battle flavoured Mini Challenge (MC8).

Oh what a difference 10 months makes. I forgot how much work this all was (silly me).

But you guys were all brilliant (and you know that). You each powered on through (though the word limit made some of you squinty *laughs* oh, so squinty, in fact). And in the end, most of you survived. Impressively. Despite all odds. And some twisty prompts. You six made it. You lived.

...And well, I didn't. I'm dead. But I'm glad the rest of you made it, save one (but that just means I have company in Zombieland. Yay).

Although it makes me think that maybe the challenge was too easy if we didn't have that many casualties. You've all toughened up since the first one...so if I ever did another one (which I probably won't) the goal would be to make it harder. More Zombies. And only crazy Survivors standing XD

Now, I know it's been difficult to properly appreciate the work that was written for you. I know you haven't read everything. You might not even know how many Fills you completed…it's all just one hazy, crazy mess.

Well, I'm happy to say we can solve a few of those mysteries right now.

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