January 13th, 2014

Merlin: Morgana banquet

MC - At Years End: Update #4 - I am tallying.

You've probably already counted everything up yourselves by this point, competitive little mites that you are.

But we gotta do this official like, so you'll have to bear with me. Coz I hate counting. I'm always scared I'll miss one (or count something twice).

So right now, I'm going through each of your threads, counting up fills, then counting up unfulfilled prompts, and minus-ing those in bunches of 4 (ie if you missed 8 prompts, minus 2 fills for you!), then I'm going through and checking that all were posted within the writing time.

It's quite simply a barrel of laughs...as you can imagine. But I will get the results to you guys asap. Coz I know waiting is terrible. I hate waiting more than counting. The banner part is the fun part. Until I realise I have to put writing on there, and there are a million minute changes I can make to where the writing goes...

...and this has been your update. Hopefully your last update.

(There have been a lot of updates this challenge. I'm really sorry about that. I used to have it so together, but all my discipline is gone now. LE SIGH)