January 3rd, 2014

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MC - AT YEARS END: UPDATE #3 - The Challenge Post will be posted today (as promised)

I'm just letting you know, in case you expected the challenge to start off at midnight (my time) instead of what I'm guessing will be more noon (my time). I did plan on having it up at midnight, but I had a bit of a long (ridic) day and it's wiped me out.

(I'm 'scheduling' this post to pop up at midnight and having an early night)

See you soon.

Bring your game faces :D

EDIT: OKAY. RL interruptions. I have to leave the house and I haven't gotten around to drafting the post, banners be distracting. My new goal is to have it up before 6pm and I'll extend the writing time a bit accordingly  - eep :/
Merlin: S3 Arthur Ears

MC - At Years End ::: Entry Post (ready... steady... GO!)

Sign Up Time: 21st Dec - 1st Jan (AEST: 17:30)
Prompting Time: 3rd Jan - 7th Jan (AEST: 23:59)
Writing Time: 3rd Jan - 9th Jan (AEST: 12:00)
Winner Announced: 12th/13th Jan

Prompting's over! But keep posting fills and squee :D

Featuring Authors: rubberglue, mara93, vexena_sky, sidhe_faerie, eurydice72, kbrand5333, a_g_doren, mustbethursday3.

↳ Would each of you be so kind as to post your Author thread ASAP. Just copy and paste your sign up form to this post (you can edit it a little, if you need to). Your thread will be how you receive prompts :D

****All Merlin Characters and Ships are welcome, but because this is an AG Comm be respectful of the AG ship (triangles and mentions of past/failing relationships are fine tho).
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