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Have I finished counting yet? WHY YES. I HAVE. And you're all winners, but some winners have banners

This is the Winners Post of ag_fics' 3rd Fic Battle flavoured Mini Challenge (MC8).

Oh what a difference 10 months makes. I forgot how much work this all was (silly me).

But you guys were all brilliant (and you know that). You each powered on through (though the word limit made some of you squinty *laughs* oh, so squinty, in fact). And in the end, most of you survived. Impressively. Despite all odds. And some twisty prompts. You six made it. You lived.

...And well, I didn't. I'm dead. But I'm glad the rest of you made it, save one (but that just means I have company in Zombieland. Yay).

Although it makes me think that maybe the challenge was too easy if we didn't have that many casualties. You've all toughened up since the first one...so if I ever did another one (which I probably won't) the goal would be to make it harder. More Zombies. And only crazy Survivors standing XD

Now, I know it's been difficult to properly appreciate the work that was written for you. I know you haven't read everything. You might not even know how many Fills you completed…it's all just one hazy, crazy mess.

Well, I'm happy to say we can solve a few of those mysteries right now.

Firstly, our Winner - The person who conquered Mini Challenge Eight, aka Fic Battle 3.0, aka MC: At years end start (aka, we have too many names for this battle, le sigh) like a boss - is…drum roll please….

Congrats, mara93! BB, you're a very worthy successor to rubberglue, and it's very fitting that you were the one who finally broke her winning streak. Especially, when it means another banner to add to your collection.

Behold the ficlets of our challenge Queen....

1. My Fault - Arthur/Gwen-G (Canon)
2. Scary Merlin - Gwen, Merlin, Leon - G (Canon)
3. Until Next Time - Arthur, Gwen, Merlin - PG (Modern AU)
4. Beautiful Reality - Arthur, Gwen, Mary, Francis, Bash, Nostradamus - G (Reign Crossover)
5. Cure for Boredom - Arthur/Gwen, knights - PG13 (Canon)
6. Chance Encounter - Arthur/Gwen - PG (Modern AU)
7. The Right One - Arthur/Gwen - G (canon)
8. Of Great Purpose - Arthur/Gwen - R (canon)
9. Hardest Rain - Arthur/Gwen - R (light smut, angst) (canon)
10. Beautifully Fated – Arthur/Gwen - G (modern AU)
11. Once and Forever, Connected - Arthur/Gwen - PG (reincarnation)
12. A Bit Early for the Chapel - Arthur/Gwen - G (canon kid fic)
13. Threesome - Arthur, Gwen, Merlin - G (modern AU)
14. Zombie Invasion of Camelot - Arthur, Gwen, Merlin - PG (sort of canon)
15. Spice - A/G - PG light
16. Victorious - Gwen, Leon, Arthur - PG13
17. Back in Proper Time - Arthur/Gwen - G (Modern AU)
18. Time-bending - Penley (OC: A/G's son) Eleventh Doctor, Clara Oswald - G (DW crossover)
19. Reunited and it Feels So Good - Eleventh Doctor, River Song, Martha Jones, Gwen - PG
20. Noble King and Noble Thief - Arthur Pendragon, Guinevere Pendragon, Merlin, Robin Hood - PG
21. Wrong Bag, Right Number - Arthur, Merlin, Gwen - PG (modern AU)
22. Such a Tragedy - Arthur, Gwen, Merlin - G (modern AU, Gwen's a bit OOC)
23. Itty Bitty - Arthur, Merlin, Knights mention - G (canon)
24. She Said Lawn, not Law - Gwen, Arthur, Merlin - PG
25. Crack a Nut? - Arthur/Gwen - R (mild language, mild adult scene, Modern AU)
26. Sex Education - Arthur/Gwen, OC: their son Little Arthur - R (for a bit of light smut, canon)
27. Family - Arthur, Gwen, Ygraine - R
28. Living Vicariously No More - Arthur, Gwen - PG13 (Modern AU)
29. Wild and Free - Arthur/Gwen - PG (medieval AU)
30. Drill Time - Arthur/Gwen - G (Modern AU)
31. Pizza, Love, and One Wheel Too Many - Arthur/Gwen and surprise guest- G (modern AU)
32. Monthly Bonding - Arthur, Gwen, Merlin, Gwaine, Morgana, Freya, Morgause, Percival - G (modern AU)
33. Puppy Love - Arthur/Gwen and others - G (Modern AU)
34. Kindergarten for Over Anxious Parents - Arthur, Gwen, Percival, Freya - G
35. First Love, Forever Love - Arthur, Gwen (mention of their son) - PG (canon)
36. Miserable Together - Arthur/Gwen - PG (Modern AU)
37. Coach Insanely Competitive Pendragon - Arthur/Gwen - G (modern AU)
38. Welcome Home - Arthur/Gwen - PG13 (modern AU)
39. Bon Appetit - Arthur, Gwen - PG (Modern AU-highschool)
40. Ascension of Hearts - Arthur/Gwen - PG (Medieval AU)
41. Damn Feelings - Arthur/Gwen - PG13 (modern AU)

Runners up are (and it was super close!)...kbrand5333 & sidhe_faerie

(**Click the banners for full size**)
Now, on to the infamous Leader board to see how close (and far - I didn't even get '0' in the end) you all were from beating the Magnificent Mara. (As always ignore that this says Mini Challenge Six)

(Each person's final tally includes adjustment if they missed prompts. eurydice72, you wrote 30 - but left 7 unfulfilled resulting in 29. And I wrote 2 and left uh...20 unfulfilled, oh dear, resulting in my -3. Total Fills, however includes the number of total fills regardless.)

Now everyone gets one of these:

And most of you get one of these:

(**Click to see full size**)

REMEMBER: Save the banners to your own computer and upload them to wherever it is you put banners (imageshack, photobucket etc.), no hotlinking ie. using AGF's image URLs thank you :D

Feedback for the Challenge (and/or the Mods):

Dear Future Self, you...


Feedback for the Challenge (and/or the Mods): Hey me, you never read these but I'm going to write this anyway. You underestimate how long it will take you to do anything. You always assume the best. You unrealistic optimist, you.

Dear Future Self, you... don't read these. I know this for a fact because you only just read what you wrote last year, and you had an 'OMG moment'. Because that prompt idea would have been awesome (and efficient). Not to mention, you had that exact same idea all over again (deja vu!) as you were counting yesterday, you muppet. You gotta find a way to make someone else host one of these. Coz otherwise I don't think you can do another one, your head's just not in the game to be both Player and Host. You could maybe manage one. So IDK, me, you're reading this in a year's time, and you've gathered everyone round to play again - I'm just going to shake my head at you from the past. It won't end well. And I reserve the right to say I told you so.


Anywho, thank you all for coming over.

It actually went a lot better than I expected. OVER 900 comments in the entry post...like WUUUUUUT.

It was a bit like a party in a cemetery. Except a ton more sentimental-y. I've really missed the chatter. And I don't think about Merlin as much as I did anymore, and you guys bring it all to life effortlessly. I can hear the characters in your words, reminding me why I loved them in the first place. And lol at all the smut. It's not a real MC until there's smut ;)

Now, go forth and repost if you haven't already: Piper's set up an AO3 collection if you're into that sort of thing.
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