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This is the Winners Post of ag_fics' 3rd Fic Battle flavoured Mini Challenge (MC8).

Oh what a difference 10 months makes. I forgot how much work this all was (silly me).

But you guys were all brilliant (and you know that). You each powered on through (though the word limit made some of you squinty *laughs* oh, so squinty, in fact). And in the end, most of you survived. Impressively. Despite all odds. And some twisty prompts. You six made it. You lived.

...And well, I didn't. I'm dead. But I'm glad the rest of you made it, save one (but that just means I have company in Zombieland. Yay).

Although it makes me think that maybe the challenge was too easy if we didn't have that many casualties. You've all toughened up since the first one...so if I ever did another one (which I probably won't) the goal would be to make it harder. More Zombies. And only crazy Survivors standing XD

Now, I know it's been difficult to properly appreciate the work that was written for you. I know you haven't read everything. You might not even know how many Fills you completed…it's all just one hazy, crazy mess.

Well, I'm happy to say we can solve a few of those mysteries right now.

After 2 polls, 4 update posts, 8 writers, 6 days of writing, no Mock!prompts, over 950 entry comments, we're left with a vague memory of the last one and a half weeks, 1 Winner, 6 Survivors and 248 Fills…Collapse )
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13 January 2014 @ 08:33 pm
You've probably already counted everything up yourselves by this point, competitive little mites that you are.

But we gotta do this official like, so you'll have to bear with me. Coz I hate counting. I'm always scared I'll miss one (or count something twice).

So right now, I'm going through each of your threads, counting up fills, then counting up unfulfilled prompts, and minus-ing those in bunches of 4 (ie if you missed 8 prompts, minus 2 fills for you!), then I'm going through and checking that all were posted within the writing time.

It's quite simply a barrel of laughs...as you can imagine. But I will get the results to you guys asap. Coz I know waiting is terrible. I hate waiting more than counting. The banner part is the fun part. Until I realise I have to put writing on there, and there are a million minute changes I can make to where the writing goes...

...and this has been your update. Hopefully your last update.

(There have been a lot of updates this challenge. I'm really sorry about that. I used to have it so together, but all my discipline is gone now. LE SIGH)
12 January 2014 @ 10:05 am
To begin this post, I would like to say a huge thank you to mara93 & sidhe_faerie for participating in the 15 in 15 Challenge. Though, we unfortunately didn't get as many votes to determine a winner, your hard work is greatly appreciated.

Here are your banners ladies...Collapse )

Sign Up Time: 21st Dec - 1st Jan (AEST: 17:30)
Prompting Time: 3rd Jan - 7th Jan (AEST: 23:59)
Writing Time: 3rd Jan - 9th Jan (AEST: 12:00)
Winner Announced: 12th/13th Jan

Prompting's over! But keep posting fills and squee :D

Featuring Authors: rubberglue, mara93, vexena_sky, sidhe_faerie, eurydice72, kbrand5333, a_g_doren, mustbethursday3.

↳ Would each of you be so kind as to post your Author thread ASAP. Just copy and paste your sign up form to this post (you can edit it a little, if you need to). Your thread will be how you receive prompts :D

****All Merlin Characters and Ships are welcome, but because this is an AG Comm be respectful of the AG ship (triangles and mentions of past/failing relationships are fine tho).
Third time's the charm right? This time we all Survive? *crosses fingers* I always go in with optimism and then the battle happens. And continues HaPpEniNNNgCollapse )
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I'm just letting you know, in case you expected the challenge to start off at midnight (my time) instead of what I'm guessing will be more noon (my time). I did plan on having it up at midnight, but I had a bit of a long (ridic) day and it's wiped me out.

(I'm 'scheduling' this post to pop up at midnight and having an early night)

See you soon.

Bring your game faces :D

EDIT: OKAY. RL interruptions. I have to leave the house and I haven't gotten around to drafting the post, banners be distracting. My new goal is to have it up before 6pm and I'll extend the writing time a bit accordingly  - eep :/
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29 December 2013 @ 07:09 pm

Sign Up Time:
21st Dec - 1st Jan (AEST: 17:30)
Prompting Time: 3rd Jan - 7th Jan (AEST: 23:59)
Writing Time: 3rd Jan - 8th Jan (AEST: 23:59)
Writing Time: 3rd Jan - 9th Jan (AEST: 12:00)
Winner Announced: 12th/13th Jan

Welcome to the Guidelines for what is technically Mini Challenge EIGHT: At Years End (ag_fics's third Fic Battle). I'll just refer to it as the 'MC' to keep it simple. If you were with us for the last battle, then you should know we're expecting a more sedate - we've all done this before, we're pros - pace this time. And I can hear you Prompters cracking your knuckles already, but cool your jets, let's go through the Guidelines first.

Please read below carefully and if you have any questions - ask me :)
Read more...Collapse )
28 December 2013 @ 11:55 am
The Facts:

1. LJ's being a butt and not notifying people about comments/posts rn.
2. One Signer Upper might have to drop out if we start today.
3. I meant to get up earlier and finish and post the Guidelines...but I slept in. UGH.
4. The vote was a tie, 2 voted for starting today, 2 voted for waiting.

SO, here's what I'm going to do: We'll give it a week. If you can't play then, there's always next time. It was pointed out to me that February (and the Olympics) is a long way away, which I think is valid.

Sign Up will reopen until the 1st of January.
Writing Time will be: Friday 3rd Jan - Wednesday 8th Jan.

I'll get the Guidelines finished up today/tomorrowish. (I keep underestimating how busy I am)

Mod Note: I'm really sorry to keep changing things. This is starting to feel like when I try and catch up with friends from HS and we all have differing/clashing schedules.

We'll get there tho :D
27 December 2013 @ 12:57 pm
+ So we have five people signed up, hurray :D

+ I'm working on the guideline post right now.

+ The Challenge atm is scheduled to begin sometime tomorrow (in around 24 hours I'd say, at a rough guess as to when I'll have all the links, banners, etc done and posted).

Now, some of you did say that during the Winter Olympics (7th Feb - 23rd Feb) would also be a good time for you. So I'm giving you guys a choice (and I'm going to ask those who signed up directly as well).

I'm fine with starting tomorrow, but I understand that right now is busy time for a lot of you (it's like the aftermath of Christmas duh duh duuuuh) - so below is a poll.

(If more than half the people who signed up want more time - we'll go the Olympic route, and do a quick three day sign up in Feb before the challenge starts. Just to see if more people want to play.)

Comments be screened.

Poll #1949763 AGF: Challenge Start
This poll is closed.

Do you want me to delay the Challenge until the Olympics?


Sign Up: 21st Dec - 26th Dec  >>> Writing Time: 28th Dec - 3rd January
Sign Up: 21st Dec - 1st Jan  >>> Writing Time: 3rd Jan - 8th January

Hellooo, so I'm back and it's still December, so I'm not really late - shhh.

And we're quickly letting December slip through our fingers, so the time is nigh. The reason there's a sign up is because I'm not sure how many of you are still flitting around out there thinking Merlin-y thoughts. And I'd say we'd need at least 4-5 people to make a good go of it, although 7+ would be lovely :D

I haven't got the challenge post all written up yet, mostly because I'm a terrible person, but here's the facts:
Read more...Collapse )
This is a post letting everyone know that I've extended the time for voting for 15 Fics in 15 Days Challenge till the 24th Dec 2013 (Countdown Clock). We have only had one person vote so it would be very much greatly appreciated if we could get more votes. To read the voting guidelines and the entries, click HERE.