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Short Challenge 7 | Voting Post!

ENDS on the 16th April 2013 @ 11.59PM CST(Countdown Clock)

Welcome to the Voting Post/Entries Master-list for Short Challenge 7! We have received 6 wonderful entries for this challenge so a huge thanks to everyone who participated and sent in entries!


♥ Read the entries listed below. Make sure you set aside enough time to read each entry!

♥ After reading all the entries, select your favourite/s from the poll.

♥ The Authors of the fics may vote, however, you can NOT vote for yourself or ask anyone else to do so. Any such votes will not be included in the vote.

♥ Writers will be revealed after winners are announced.

♥ The Top 3 entries with the most votes will receive 1st, 2nd & 3rd. Seeing as there is only six entries, there will be no Mod's Choice.


[#1] The Escort - PG - AU (3,500)
Princess Guinevere is betrothed to King Arthur of Camelot, yet she finds herself drawn to the handsome knight assigned to be her escort.

[#2] Remember The Day We Met - G - Modern ( 1,613)
Arthur meets Gwen at University. He reminds her years later when he is about to graduate Medical school.

[#3] Return To Camlann - PG - Reincarnation (2,932)
The world is in need of heroes, Arthur and Gwen along with Merlin, the Knights and a few others arrive at Camlann to join together for the Greater Good.

[#4] You Look Good in My Shirt - NC-17 - Modern (2,945) - Smut
Arthur gets a surprise visitor during a storm.

[#5] Scars and All - Teen - AU (3,490) - a few mature themes, language
Love is imperfect and so beautiful, scars and all.

[#6] The Enchanted Bog - Teen - AU (3,499) - Mildly mature at times.
Committal takes hold, bringing on these actions and feelings. It compels proof and belief to surface from the embittered land.


Now select you favourite/s from the poll...

Poll #1907759 Short Challenge 7 Voting

Which entry was your favourite?

Entry 1: The Escort
Entry 2: Remember The Day We Met
Entry 3: Return To Camlann
Entry 4: You Look Good in My Shirt
Entry 5: Scars and All
Entry 6: The Enchanted Bog


If you have any feedback for our lovely authors then please leave a comment at the bottom of their fic - comments will be screened until voting has ended.

We highly recommend leaving feedback because all writers like to know how their work was received - Did it make you: howl with laughter, or cry, or widen your eyes comically? Did you gasp aloud? Frown at the screen before you? Almost knock over your drink as you squealed in delight?

And what about it the fic that specifically caused the feelings you had. Was it the phrasing? The timing? The ending? Quote them - in my experience authors' like it when you pick specific quotes from their fics - and say what it was about that phrase/line/couple of sentences that made you take notice. That made you laugh, or cry, or applaud. That made you want to read them over again.

We would also be very grateful if you would leave some feedback on the challenge itself on THIS post. I would really appreciate your comments on how well the challenge was run and if there are anything that you liked or thought needed improvement -- such as a longer writing period etc. Just feel free to comment below :D!
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